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Meet customers’ demands by developing products with high quality, low cost and high performance.
To provide reference information to customers, we show the most,...

Add:Eco-industrial Park, Huaguo Village, Xinxu Town, Huiyang District, Huizhou

Huizhou tongda magnetic technology co., LTD. The official website opened using...
EMI electromagnetic shielding, transformer magnetic ring, filter round...
The 15th China International Exhibition magnetic materials and production technologies
Superconducting Magnets two plates is expected to strengthen

From flyback transformer, high-energy transformer, inductor, filter, ballast, shock choke, computer connector to electronic connector, production line of Tongda can meet all demands related to magnetic core application. Nickel-zinc magnetic materials provided by Tongda, from small magnetic bead, round magnetic bead, magnetic bar, double (multiple)-bore bar...

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